Melting away

Sitting in the rocker

back and forth as it goes,

preoccupied by a ghost,

always being alone.

Sunflower seeds

litter the snow

peering over the silo-et,

asking to let go.

Like a tempting tone,

a taste of spinach greens

in a white covered sheet

where life for that minute

seizes to speak,

and brag about its work

you will stay cold and gray

until the winter debt is paid.

Before anything decides to change

and melt away.

Before sea glass can be collected

and leave a deep connection,

from when birth is bright again

and solitude helps us not pretend.

There is nothing darker than ourselves,

especially when there is nobody else.

Align yourself with truth,

love who you are

and heal that broken heart,

remember its all in your head.

focus on letting the past,

rest in its bed.

Symphony for the morning time

Morning glories,

looking for the next best story,

its written in your head,

find it

search all night

through symphony’s of your mind

when darkness and light coincide,

there is a strong sense of knowing

and smell

that early morning.

Relinquish those fears

that carry weight

and don’t listen to fools

that keep empty promises.

A symphony cant exist

without a source that creates a wish

to turn air into sound

by simply writing something down.

Stand earthly,

don’t pretend

that the symphony never ends.

Swim as you can

Thrashing moments

and upset loathing

teaches when you should be speaking,

A powerful throne

full of being left alone,

its raw power will take you underneath it,

where misery meets, a dark blue heap

made for its own drowning

the emotions it keeps

and will let you weep

if you allow it.

No man has won

not even under the sun

for nature is abundant.

And if you are wise

and seek your own demise

try to swim among it.

Follow the wave,

and trust being brave,

for it will lead you to abundance,

Different side of the face

Watch the heavens

and what they bring,

it brings rain


and a half bottled face

the clouds are gray

and thunder rolls its horns

A screech of good cheer

for the warm welcome place

along the open shore

it listens with us well,

believe me so,

and we understand that fate,

cause only to bring us well

a good cheer in our faith

and the path may rest lakes

and I will find that open shore.

What was lost

Even in darkness, there is darker spots. If we are to ever overcome this, then we must understand our darkness to blend with our light, one shouldn’t over take the other, nor should it be less than the other. We have both, everyone does. However, it is not how it shapes our path, but how we shape its path. That is us. That is everything. The things that surround us, shape us and we shape it. We exists, we breath, we eat, we sleep, we create, and we destroy. Its in us, it doesn’t belongs to us. Yet we don’t belong to it. In those dark times, stay strong, your not alone, remember that.

Funny day

Woke up, and quiet covers the air. The window is bright, so a sunny day today. Now, my mind is in flight, I must bring it back. Be grounded as soon as you wake up, that should be a fact. There is no money, to spend today, nor work, nor anything funny coming my way. I guess I have a choice, what should I do. Be smart be creative and light will shine through. Find something that uses your mind, in a productive way. Think outside the box, even if the world seems gray. Now how productive can you be? Sit down and think about it and you will see.


Alarm sounds, during the morning sun. I brew coffee, and pour some. Black with a little sugar to make it sweet. I shower than brush my teeth. I put on my work clothes, make sure I’m warm, the winter cold will creep in on you, so be forewarned. I take cereal and some fruit, mix in and then eat. I drink water, plenty of it, to keep me on my feet. When I’m done, I do 20 to 30 pushups and maybe go for a run. This time 2 months ago, my morning was much less restorative . I was smoking like a chimney, and drank way too much coffee. I was sluggish, unfocused, and a little confused, I couldn’t stop, it was something I was used too. My body ached, and really wanted to change, but my brain said it needed this to start its day. Restorative, I thought, I need to restore my will. The best thing I could do is ask for help, and get advice on how to change my health. Its amazing what happens when you want to change, people and opportunities just seem to come your way. Its like the universe sees you , and admires what it sees, so it sends things that will help you learn how to lead. Take one step at a time to restore yourself, no need to rush or it will surely fail. Mind, body, and spirit, that’s the key. Give it room, so it can be free.

Chime knows the time

Hanging chime, a quarter past 5. In the summer months, the breeze tells us when, the sun will begin to end. That afternoon breeze, the one that asks us to get off our feet, from working all day, underneath that scorching heat. If you listen closely, the trees will whisper something new, with that same breeze felt by me and you. We can sit down now, when the chime begins to sound, grab something cold to drink, and take it easy. Listen to the sounds of what is around, the breeze has existed before the stars where around, listen carefully to the chimes tune, and the wisdom it shares with you.

Potted Plant

Take the seed, cover it an inch deep. Sprinkle what you have left, in that watering can. Give it light , so it can take flight. Let it listen to music from a distance. Classic tunes, that elevate the room. Take time and care, appreciate that the seed is there. Let it sleep at night and grow during the daylight. Feed it well, and love it like you love yourself. The seed will only grow right, if you know how to treat it right.

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