Jelly bean

Quickness into a yellow tree
smell that summer breeze
perceive in the empty shell
and fill it with sandy spells
observe the beauty beyond the brain
and watch it conceive
a new world where all belong
under the sweet smooth song.

To what wish must pertain,
and understand the quality of the brain
keep the moon lite at night
under silky clouds of morning light,
hot tempered is the game
however a chill will dull the flame.

I will become the person that needs to be
and finding a reason to accept and be.

Nothing stops this quick witted machine
and laugh and laugh
with a deep gleam.
We realize its not over
and things need to be done
protect our elders and surrender to none.

Hard Work

Vibration from the bells,

continue to yell

seeking that sweet tune

waking all at noon

bright clears the air

in white

and trailer tears,

smooth as ice melting away

smart like a piece of clay

rhythm has its own beat

a flock of dancing feet,

feel it in the streets.

A breeze of change has come this way

and heard the prayers of yesterday

The world shines through

even when dark is anew,

and people are welcomed in,

and supported by whats within.

As the darkness begins to fade,

a new life has made its way

for this moment, we begin to shine

and find out whats inside.

Silent place

Occurring in perspective

a man finds an objective

turns around to chase its tail

gets dizzy

sits down.

The world is spinning

much too fast

the dizziness


will not last,

lay your head down on the green grass

feel the sound


from the body

and carry you

in comfort and quality,

Clouds look down

chatting with no sound,

who is that down there

enjoying the wind

playing like a child

chasing something

he will never win.

Oh sweet child

the oldest cloud spouts,

the sky thanks you

for not bowing down.

Keep chasing that tail

let imagination prevail,

so clouds have something to say,

about the man in the silent place.


A large green tarp

spread out above a mossy piece of land

tied from end to end,

to keep water from dripping on our heads.

A clean blanket to keep us warm

with rice and beans to eat at dawn,

a slab of bacon hits the frying pan

use the grease for the vegetables on hand.

Above the trees the sun seeks to sleep

the warmth begins to seep,

a fire races just below

and logs sit there, waiting to go,

a bird sings its last tune

and wind whips the evening dew.

In a world where we don’t belong,

nighttime seems so long

life is a valuable thing

treat it like you would a king.

Melting away

Sitting in the rocker

back and forth as it goes,

preoccupied by a ghost,

always being alone.

Sunflower seeds

litter the snow

peering over the silo-et,

asking to let go.

Like a tempting tone,

a taste of spinach greens

in a white covered sheet

where life for that minute

seizes to speak,

and brag about its work

you will stay cold and gray

until the winter debt is paid.

Before anything decides to change

and melt away.

Before sea glass can be collected

and leave a deep connection,

from when birth is bright again

and solitude helps us not pretend.

There is nothing darker than ourselves,

especially when there is nobody else.

Align yourself with truth,

love who you are

and heal that broken heart,

remember its all in your head.

focus on letting the past,

rest in its bed.

Symphony for the morning time

Morning glories,

looking for the next best story,

its written in your head,

find it

search all night

through symphony’s of your mind

when darkness and light coincide,

there is a strong sense of knowing

and smell

that early morning.

Relinquish those fears

that carry weight

and don’t listen to fools

that keep empty promises.

A symphony cant exist

without a source that creates a wish

to turn air into sound

by simply writing something down.

Stand earthly,

don’t pretend

that the symphony never ends.

Swim as you can

Thrashing moments

and upset loathing

teaches when you should be speaking,

A powerful throne

full of being left alone,

its raw power will take you underneath it,

where misery meets, a dark blue heap

made for its own drowning

the emotions it keeps

and will let you weep

if you allow it.

No man has won

not even under the sun

for nature is abundant.

And if you are wise

and seek your own demise

try to swim among it.

Follow the wave,

and trust being brave,

for it will lead you to abundance,

Different side of the face

Watch the heavens

and what they bring,

it brings rain


and a half bottled face

the clouds are gray

and thunder rolls its horns

A screech of good cheer

for the warm welcome place

along the open shore

it listens with us well,

believe me so,

and we understand that fate,

cause only to bring us well

a good cheer in our faith

and the path may rest lakes

and I will find that open shore.

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